Arts courses at Worcester make use of extensive specialist facilities.

The Institute 而且 its courses draw on the full range of facilities available across the University. This includes a range of fully equipped teaching rooms, multiple social learning spaces, 而且 the 蜂巢图书馆.

除了如下所示的现场专业设施, we also call on a range of spaces 而且 environments off-campus in response to the needs of site-based work 而且 projects.



This newly renovated facility has created innovative 而且 experimental home for the Arts in Worcester.

内部 艺术之家 you'll find a series of large open spaces that are continually transformed to meet the needs of our students.  Studios 而且 workshops are created alongside intimate spaces for small group learning. This creates a relaxed 而且 welcoming atmosphere that we believe is perfect for creative expression.

A stunning redevelopment of one of the city's best loved building - the glass fronted exterior is both a source of fantastic natural light 而且 an area for continual public exhibition. 


车库艺术工作室的内部镜头. 房间是白色的,宽敞.

车库 is our specially designed arts facilities situated between the 城市的校园 而且 圣约翰校园. 

Teaching takes place in a range of studio 而且 workshop spaces which have been designed specifically to accommodate the range of practices explored on the course.

学生 are encouraged to use the spaces outside of teaching time to develop an open plan studio ethos based on year groupings that will facilitate the development of your creativity 而且 skills.

设施 at 车库 include three purpose built artists’ studios, 工作坊设施及讲座/表演空间. The building also houses a research room, print presses 而且 project space.



Our purpose-built 戏剧工作室 has all the facilities you need, 无论是作为表演者还是制作人, 从传统戏剧到更具实验性的表演.

工作室本身是一个很大的, multi-purpose space with a full flexible rig seating more than 100 people. The rig can be assembled in any location in the space to suit performance needs 而且 this flexibility allows students to explore a range of performance 而且 staging styles.

工作室有自己的绿色房间, 更衣室, Costume 而且 Properties Stores 而且 Scene Dock – all well stocked with resources for students. The surrounding 画廊 houses production equipment 而且 a Studio Technician is available to help with the technical side of things.

The 戏剧工作室 is linked to the 冰球突破官网’s new 数码艺术中心. This exciting development will effectively create a Digitised Performance Laboratory 而且 will mean than students can extend the scope of their work to include live 而且 recorded performances.

学生在 戏剧 & 表演课程, 以及参观专业公司, 学生会作品, the 冰球突破官网’s Musical Theatre Group 而且 戏剧 Society, 都广泛使用多功能的表演空间. The studio can be booked by anyone who wants to use it seven days a week.


The white I mac computers in the 数码艺术中心 at the University

数码艺术中心 has been designed to give an impression of light 而且 space, 但不能以牺牲工作区域或灵活性为代价. A large foyer 而且 well-lit l而且ing on the first floor allow exhibition 而且 reception areas, 以便学生在中心内展出他们的作品.

录音工作室, 提供360平方英尺的表演空间, 大到能容纳一支乐队拍mv吗, 或者是广播剧的一群演员. 隔壁是同样大小的声音剪辑室. The academic 而且 the technical team are housed in offices within the Centre 而且 this allows ready access by students 而且 visitors.

On both the ground 而且 first floors are computer rooms that together offer over 1,700平方英尺的空间用于数字图形和网页设计, 多媒体, 视频编辑和2D和3D动画.

The digital video studio is designed to professional broadcast specifications 而且 provides 1,200平方英尺的可用空间. It has a high ceiling with a controllable lighting rig 而且 a control room with talkback for multi-camera productions.