The 国际经验 Team is here to welcome you to the 冰球突破官网 而且 to help you settle into your new home. We offer pre-arrival advice on topics such as visas 而且 immigration, 医疗保健, 银行和你应该随身携带的物品. 

在你到达英国时帮助你, we arrange a free Airport Pick-up Service from Birmingham International 而且 Heathrow airport (subject to specific criteria). 在你刚来大学的几天里, our 国际感应 will help you navigate your way around the campus 而且 city, 和同学交朋友, access everything you need to acclimatize to your new home, 为你的学术研究做准备.

冰球突破官网 students greet international students at the airport


下载冰球突破官网的 国际学生指南 应用程序.

This guide contains comprehensive information covering everything from the pre-arrival information you need to know 而且 how to request an airport pick-up through to your 国际感应 而且 beyond.

The guide also contains a Global Hub allowing you to get to know your fellow International 学生 before you arrive 而且 to ask any questions you might have.


Please ensure you download the 国际学生指南 so that you can be fully prepared for joining us at the Univeristy of Worcester. 

The River Severn aerial view - see it at a University Open Day


You can view the 国际感应 timetable in the 国际学生指南. The timetable is colour coded to allow you to view the sessions 而且 activities that are important for you. You can use the My Schedule feature to create your own timetable featuring only the sessions 而且 activities you are attending.

Don't forget to keep checking the timetable as new sessions 而且 activities will continue to be added to the timetable in the lead up to the 国际感应.

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